Our Mission

The horse/human relationship -- an unconventional approach for personal development and growth.

Allow us to uniquely  facilitate movement towards your personal growth and goals through partnering with horses.

Learn how to:

  • identify behaviors that support growth and communication
  • navigate your personal growth process with confidence, intention and focus
  • become more fulfilled in your personal life
  • gain competence in interpersonal relationships
  • understand your challenges and create solutions​

Stacy Lewis, MA, SRC, Equine Assisted Life Coach, Reiki Master

Stacy is the founder of Centaur Development Wellness Ranch in Snohohmish, WA.  She has two decades of experience in personal development, life coaching and equine based learning.
Ten years ago, she combined her passion for life coaching with her love for horses and designed an unconventional approach for human development based on the powerful experience of teaming horses with people.  

Her powerful approach to helping her clients explore, develop and materialize their life passion has grown from her 18 years as a life coach.  She has offered these Equine Facilitated Learning Programs to a wide range of people, including businesses, spiritual organizations, children and adults.
Stacy lives and works on her ranch.  When she is not working with clients she can often be found trail riding and camping in the lovely Pacific NW with her husband and friends. She enjoys swimming, reading, meditating, yoga and connecting with friends and family.
Our Equine Coaches
  1. Ella
    Ella - The Equine Queen Precious treasure, Bright with wonder, Here for love, for growth, To serve from heart. Teach us your wisdom of the soul of the air, of being. Teach us how to derive strength from inner light, A weaving of waves of frequency into freshness and life Through the intention of heart. It's true, we can never truly know you but we can connect, soul to heart, and experience your inner light your wellspring of peace. Guide us to your mane, your withers, your strong hooves of steel. Help us to release pain and suffering In the process of caring and loving! Show us our potential! Lay our hearts open! Help us heal! Aho. And so it it. By Maureen Rivelle - Intuitive Reiki Practitioner & Teacher OpenHandsReiki.com Daylight Healing Center.com
  2. Zea
    Zea is 16 years old. She is very kind, practical and gentle. Her specialty is showing us how much we can accomplish with minimal direction and communication, as we know it. Zea is attuned as a Reiki Master​​
  3. Gee
    Gee is our new guy. He seems to be a wise old sage that knows exactly where you are and what you should work on to move forward. ​​​ Gee often leaves participants in our workshops with deep meaningful messages. We are honored to have Gee in our herd.
  4. Ruth
    Ruth is Ella's baby sister. She joined our heard when she was four months old. Now she is five. Ruth is our most spirited member. She is learning to manage her energy and helps people to work with their own energy as well. Read about Ruth's conversations with Animal Communicator Darcy Pariso in Animal Spirit Journal.