​Step Into The Arena of Your Life

Come learn from the Majestic Horse!

The Step Into Your Arena Life Coaching Package is designed to provide immediate support so you can live your life with more joy and ease while integrating new habits and behaviors that will pull you forward.​​

You get the support you need to change your life from the inside out. This coaching program combines mindfulness and self-mastery coaching with the powerful and magical vibration of the horse. 

Come experience for yourself the power of the horse/human interaction.

Bond with these powerful animals and learn more about yourself while having fun! Experience positive feelings like confidence, peacefulness and joy.

This package is for you if you want:

  • Learn to trust your intuition and impressions while allowing a different kind of knowledge to come through so you can create a life path full of energetic and spiritual characteristics
  • Ignite new pathways that will create possibility and growth
  • Experience and incorporate cooperation over competition, relationship over territory, responsiveness over strategy, emotion and intuition over logic, process over goal
  • Connect and learn deeply with a sentient being

All inspired individuals are welcome, whether you have something specific you would like to work on, or just know there is more out there you would like to connect to.

No riding is involved.  All work is done on the ground.


6 / 45 minute Life Coaching sessions with Stacy
6 / 1.5 hour private Equine Guided Coaching sessions at the ranch
Weekly exercises to support growth and discovery
Unlimited email support 

To be completed during a 3 month period.​

$415 x 3 Payments
or $1200 upfront (save $45)​​
“We are of the earth,  made of the same stuff: there is no other, no devision between us and the 'lower' or 'higher' forms of being.”
Estella Launder
I'm Interested In Learning More
I would be interested in coming out to the ranch to experience for myself what it is like to work with Stacy and the horses for an introductory session at the cost of $50.00​
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