The horse/human relationship... an unconventional approach for personal development and growth.

Join Darcy Pariso, Animal Intuitive and Stacy Lewis, Equine Facilitated Instructor with a couple of amazing horses in a fun, experiential workshop where you will learn how to communicate and engage with horses and tap into a powerful source of wisdom.

We will be learning two different, yet complimentary approaches! Learn ways to read, listen to, and understand the language of horses.

Open your intuition and come play with us!

It's All About Learning How to Communicate with Horses


Check Upcoming Events for Dates, usually a session of offered once a month

Come out to the Centaur Development Wellness Ranch to spiritually connect, heart to heart, with gentle horses. Ella and Zea, my equine partners, are natural healers and love to share their gift of being able to connect, on a soul level, with people.

By brushing, touching and breathing together with the horse that chooses you, a heart connection will be created that will inform, nourish and inspire you.

As a Life Coach and Equine Professional I know this connection is life-enhancing in many ways.
Some of the benefits you can experience are:

    Expanded Self-Awareness while fully committing yourself to the moment
    Learning how to listen and respect your intuition and impressions
    Strengthening of your Intuition
    An Increase of Vitality and Energy and
    An Enhancement of your Spirituality Energy

I have been facilitating equine guided workshops with my equine partners, Ella and Zea, for over 10 years at my spacious Snohomish horse ranch. I enjoy helping people create that special horse/human bond.

This time with the horses will prove to be a magical and memorable. If you love horses, want to be around horses, or are simply drawn to the Spirit of the Horse, you will cherish this learning opportunity. Come join me to interact with special horses for a fun, safe and powerful equine and human bonding experience.

No previous horse experience is required, all activities are done on the ground.
Have you ever wondered what horses think about?  It doesn’t matter if you have your own horse or just love being in their presence, you know there is something mystical about them. 

Come tap into something beyond your understanding in the realm of horse-human interactions. 
Personal Development Through Equine Guided Coaching -  While interacting with horses individuals are able to identify and focus on behavioral patterns that will help them reach their full potential.

Are you seeking to: 

    Feel a deeper connection with yourself and others?
    Connect to your own leadership and move into action?
    Gain clarity about your life purpose, mission and legacy?
    Shift from just living and doing to striving and thriving?  

If you answered yes to these questions...this is a calling to Personal Leadership through Equine Guided Coaching.  
Personal Freedom Coaching - Helping you move forward with Intention, Direction and Focus

The Building Blocks of You - Do you want more from life? Do you know what changes you should make to get more of what you want?

Step Into Your Life Questionnaire