"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler."
- Henry David Thoreau

I had the great opportunity to attend Stacy Lewis’ Equine Guided Leadership Development Workshop with seven of my friends. This experience was a great team building exercise while working with horses and I highly recommend it. My favorite exercise was the Life Raft where we were to get the horses inside a square without touching or talking to them. This was a challenging exercise and thinking outside the box made this a successful exercise. The exercise was a reminder that in order to get the work done that people (and horses) need to be motivated in order to get the work done. Deb
Stacy rocks! I participated in one of her workshops and came away with the spark of inspiration that has been eluding me for quit a while. Working with the horses was not only fun but extremely insightful for me. Stacy did a wonderful job of letting us feel things out for ourselves, guiding us at the right moments, and then helping us discover how what we learned from the horses applies to how we work with ourselves. Stacy's approach to coaching is unique, well-grounded and very effective. I can't thank her enough for the inspiration I received. - Connie, Equine Assisted Coaching

Stacy has helped me to clearly identify my goals, and led me to better understand and implement successful personal and professional communication. Through her Equine Assisted Coaching program I have been enlightened by the incredible intuitive horses on how to connect on a deeper level with others, to commit and focus on the goal while being open, creative, willing and confident. I highly recommend Stacy as a Life Coach, she has made a positive impact for me personally and professionally! Thank you Stacy! - Tricia, Personal Development.
Working with Stacy and her horses offered a unique experience for our entire team. In the beginning of the workshop, the horses seemed to overwhelm the stable and space, seemed larger than life. Half way through the workshop, the horses seemed to appear smaller, we didn't feel as intimidated by them. The lessons learned were: who on the team can motivate, who is timid, who has the energy to make changes in an instant, what are the boundaries we deal with everyday with people and how to communicate non verbally. It was amazing how each team member's personality popped out when working with the horses. A true and great experience for anyone wanting to learn more about yourself and your team. Stacy was outstanding as a leader and the horses were stars. They truly led the workshop. - Sandy, Company Owner
I did not know what to expect signing up to spend an afternoon with horses but it was beyond my expectations. When I was young, I had a scary experience with a horse so I came very guarded. The two horses our group met were different in personality but both communicated with each of us in unique and at times disarming ways. The communication between horse and human is not an experience I will soon forget. I felt a deep connection and a sense of inner peace by the end of our journey together. Thank you, Stacy, for an unforgettable afternoon.  - Nancy,  Hug-A-Horse Partcipant

I am so thankful that Stacy and I connected. Stacy has helped me venture forward while finding enjoyment in the present. I am more in touch with my personal values and interests. I am able to look at my life through fresh eyes and like what I see. I discovered I don't need to work to have esteem but it is an essential part of me. And if I am to work then it should be a great job.   Stacy is knowledgeable, insightful, compassionate, resourceful and engaging. And she listens really well!  Stacy asks for more; works the sides of boxes, expanding and poking daylight into them; believes in dreams and desires; and enables hope and enjoyment for life.  ~ Doris, Career Transition
The horse/human relationship... an unconventional approach for personal development and growth.