Why Use Horses
The horse/human relationship... an unconventional approach for Personal Growth and Transformation
As prey animals, horses are extremely aware. They communicate through their senses. Nature provides them with instincts and senses that are very astute. This astute sensitivity of the horse acts as a mirror for the humans around them. 

Their communication system is made up almost entirely of a silent language of gestures.  Through your interactions, you are able to assess your strengths and weaknesses. How you relate to the horse can act as your guide in growth, learning and self development.
​Horses show us when we are authentically being ourselves. Working with horses enables people to quickly discover insight and take immediate action in creating a desired change. They look for mutual respect and leadership abilities. 

They offer us a unique opportunity to see ourselves as reflections we give off in our own emotions, they show us ourselves in the moment.  The horse reacts to what lies in our hearts, not in our heads.

Most of the activities are done on the ground making equine assisted coaching available to people who have never had any experience with horses.

Equine Guided Coaching Workshops and Programs have the ability to be a powerful journey of learning and understanding. Our horses are powerful teaching tools, they immediately respond to what the participant is doing. As a coach and facilitator I watch for these teachable movements that the horses identify.
Methods of human communication: 55% is body language (i.e., nonverbal) 38% tone of voice and a mere 7% verbal.
Medical students at Stanford are working with horses to improve their communication and patience.

Tell us a little about yourself so we can be prepared to talk with you.
Horses let us know how we are presenting ourselves in terms of emotions, energy fields and body movements. With horses, you can experience more consciously nonverbal communication. They invite you to clarify your vision and show you how to create results in your life.