"And since you cannot see yourself, so well as by reflection, I, your glass, will modestly discover to yourself, that of yourself which you yet not know of. "     
  ~ William Shakespeare

As a life coach for the past 20 years, Stacy has helped individuals explore, develop and materilze their life passion. She focuses on effective communication, goal setting and relationships. 

Ten years ago she combined her passion for coaching with her love of horses and designed experiential learning workshops based on the powerful kinesthetic experience of teaming horses with people to identify and focus on behavior patterns that help her clients reach their full potential. This horse/human relationship in an unconventional approach for personal development and growth.  She has offered these Equine Facilitated Learning Programs to a wide range of individuals including consulting companies, spiritual organizations, children and adults.
Stacy Lewis, M.A., S.R.C.
Seattle, Washington
Phone: 206-948-4026

Equine Partner - Ella

Ella has been with us for 14 years.  She is 16 years old.  She is the "alpha mare" of any group.  Her speciality is helping people find their communication style.  She encourages participants to find and honor their boundaries while still communicating with the group and working on the current goals
Equine Partner - Zea

Zea is 14 years old and has been with us for the last 10 years.

She is very kind, practicle and gentle. Her speciality is showing us how much we can accomplish with minimal direction and communication.  Less is more with Zea. 
The horse/human relationship... an unconventional approach for personal development and  growth.
She received her master’s degree in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University Seattle, and her bachelor’s degree in Human Development from The Evergreen State College. She lives and works on her horse ranch, Centaur Development, in Snohomish Washington. ​

She has two adult sons.  She and her husband enjoy experiencing life with their boys. They particularly love to be outside and go horse camping together.  Stacy enjoys her horses, swimming, reading, meditating, yoga, exercising and connecting with family, friends and colleagues.